October 20, 2015


from Affinity Commercial Solutions

We are pleased to announce a new Program developed by K&K Insurance Group (an AO affiliate), which was designed to provide coverage when the Lodge premises are rented to an individual or entity for a private event. When a renter/user cannot provide an insurance certificate that names the Lodge as additional insured, this Program will provide Commercial General Liability - including Liquor Liability -  to the renter/user and the Lodge in the amount of $500,000.

The cost per event is:        $155.00 for lodge members , $162.00 for non-members

To obtain coverage for a rental event, simply call the Elks Insurance Program Team at 1-800-421-3557 to provide some basic information about the renter and the event.  You will receive an application by email, which is to be co9mpleted, signed and returned with payment via credit card or check (if paying by check, you will complete the che3ck and then attach it to the completed WINCHAX form included with the application).  Once the premium is paid, a Certificate of Insurance will be emailed to both the renter and the Lodge.

Lodges that need to purchase special event coverage should also contact us at 1-800-421-3557.


Deborah A. Downey, DRM, CIC


The Elks Insurance Program Team.