Your event must be sponsored by an Elk Member.  The Elk member sponsoring the event is responsible for the conduct of the guests and any damages that may occur.

A $250.00 room rental fee will be included in the total cost of the event.

The payee swill be responsible for any linen charges.  This amount will depend on the number of guests and will be included in the total cost of the event..

A 17% service charge will be included in the total cost of then event.

An 8% sales tax charge will be included in the total cost of the event. If your organization is tax-exempt, a tax-exempt slip must be provided with your initial deposit. 

All events will be held for a maximum of five total hours, not to exceed 1 A.M.  Any parties exceeding five hours will be subject to lodge approval and an additional fee of $200.00 per hour will be charged.

All buffet packages are a per person charge - any remaining food will not be permitted to leave the premises.

All bar packages will be for period of no more than four hours.  Bartenders/staff reserve the right to refuse serving alcohol to any guests who appear to be intoxicated or cannot provide proper identification.

No outside caterers will be permitted to use the lodge and/or kitchen.  Our staff will do their best to try to accommodate any of your dining needs.

No outside beverages, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, may be brought into the lodge for consumption. All beverages must be purchased through to lodge.

An insurance charge of $162.00 will be added to the total cost of the event.  This insurance will provide Commercial General Liability, including liquor liability, to the renter and the lodge in the amount of $500,000.00.  A separate application must be completed and signed and a certificate of insurance will be provided to both the renter and the lodge.

Ceremonies may be held inside the lodge or outside at the Gazebo at no additional charge.  


Cancellation of this contract MUST be made in writing to the lodge representative no less than 45 days prior to the event.  Any deposits, minus a $250.00 cancellation fee, will be refunded.  Any cancellations made after this timeframe will result in forfeiture of the initial one-third (1/3) payment.

Any cancellations made after the final count is given (one week prior to the event), will result in forfeiture of the full cost of the event. 

SIGNATURES:    The undersigned hereby acknowledges that this is a legally binding contract and that they have read and understand all of the terms of this agreement, and will be bound by the same. 

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                   Sponsor Name                                                                            Lodge Representative Name

________________________________________    Date__________           ______________________________________________     Date_________

Sponsor Signature                                                                                                Lodge Representative Signature