Hot and Cold Buffet          $16.95

                                                                     Prices as of 7/28/2018      



All meals served with condiments, American and Swiss Cheeses, pickles, olives, rolls & butter

                                                                Choice of 3:                   Ham                Roast  Beef

                                                                                                        Salami             Roast Turkey


                                                               Hot Entrees Choice of 3:

                                                                                 Mixed Vegetable                   Meatball / Sauce

                                                                                 Baked Ziti                             Sausage and Peppers

                                                                                 Chicken Cacciatore              Scalloped Potatoes                     

                                                                                 Lemon Chicken                    Swedish Meatballs  




                                                               Salads Choice of 2:

                                                                                    Cole Slaw                         Potato Salad

                                                                                     Macaroni Salad                Tossed Salad

                                                                                     Pasta Salad        


                                                               Cold Buffet same as above without any Hot items.


As of April 1, 2018              

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