General Policy

    1. The sponsoring Elk member will return a signed copy of this contract to the Pavilion Committee with Fifteen (15) days of receipt to COLONIE ELKS #2192, 11 ELKS LANE, LATHAM, NY 12110. If a signed contract, security deposit, and general policy is not returned within the Fifteen (15) Day period, the requested date will be lost if the desired date is requested by another party.

    2. The Pavilion building and grounds are available from June 1 to October 1.

    3. The Pavilion is rented for a TOTAL of SEVEN (7) HOURS. The rental hours include setup, decoration, and party time. At no time will any party be permitted to extend beyond on the hour of 8:00 PM.

    4. Occupancy is limited to 250 individuals unless otherwise agreed to between the sponsoring Elk member and the Pavilion Committee.

    5. The sponsoring Elk member responsibilities:

      1. For the conduct of all persons attending the event.

      2. Coordinate the time of the party and menu selections, if applicable, with the Pavilion Committee a minimum of Fifteen (15) Days in advance of the date of the party. Failure to provide menu selections may cause an additional charge for additional deliveries by Colonie Lodge #2192 vendors.

      3. Be on the premises at all times during the party. If the sponsoring Elk member leaves the party at any time He/She MUST introduce another responsible person in attendance at the party to the Pavilion Committee member overseeing the party. This person will become accountable and assume the responsibilities as the sponsoring Elk member of the event.

      4. Coordinate cleanup at the end of the party. Sweep floors, clean appliances if used, remove trash from the interior and exterior of Pavilion building and surrounding area, horse shoe pits, and volleyball area, and place in dumpster. Any tables removed from the interior of the Pavilion are to be placed back inside the Pavilion building.

      5. Ensure all attendees vacate the Pavilion building and grounds by the agreed upon time.

      6. Assumes the responsibility for any damage to the Pavilion building, grounds, or equipment.

    6. ALL BEVERAGES will be purchased from Colonie Lodge #2192. No outside beverages will be allowed. Colonie Lodge #2192 will provide a bartender at an additional cost of $10.40 per hour for all parties when alcoholic beverages are served. The cost for the bartender will be added to the total rental cost.

    7. Designated vehicle parking in the paved parking area only. Only those vehicles providing a service for the party will be permitted parking behind the Pavilion Building.

    8. If your party is cancelled the Pavilion chairman must be notified immediately. The deposit will be forfeited if cancelled less that 30 days prior to the event.

    9. A Security Deposit in the amount of One Hundred and Fifty Dollars $150.00 to be returned with this signed and dated agreement. The Security Deposit will be deducted from the total rental cost the day of the party/event. Please make check payable to COLONIE ELKS #2192. All monies for the event/party will be due and payable the day of the event/party.

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Updated 2/6/2018